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Privacy Notice!

The data we collect
What we do with your data
Where we protect your data & who we share it with
How we support your rights


We're PrivacyTeam Ltd., and we take privacy more seriously than most people we know 😊


We should probably explain what "privacy" means to us: Privacy is control - by an individual, over their own personal data, identity, image and voice. It's up to the individual to choose what happens with their data, so it's most important that they are provided with sufficient information and opportunity in order to make that choice. This is certainly our goal with this Privacy Notice.

That said, we view privacy not as an absolute right which trumps all other interests and prevents all collection or use of data. It should be respected - but also exercised - with care and reasonableness, and not abused by either its wielder as a weapon for achieving unrelated goals; or by others wishing to exploit the data for their own purposes. While empowering the individual, we should always see if there is still a way to empower others as well - thus achieving a positive impact at a much greater scale; and we must also ensure that others don't abuse it and process data without limits.

Many data practices are objectively great for everyone, data subjects and processors alike. Some of our world's greatest and coolest things (say, the internet, winning a raffle, adopting a rescue dog, or finding out the name of that song playing somewhere in the distance) rely on using some personal data.


We are just here to ensure that data is used responsibly, ethically and in a transparent manner - by our clients, and needless to say - by ourselves. 


Below we describe our practices with respect to personal data of visitors of our sites, our clients or prospective clients, individuals who registered or attended our events, and our job candidates.


Here they are:



The data we collect

First off are of course our contact and event / newsletter registration forms:

If you contact us, we would like to contact you back. So, if you send us a message, please be aware that we will probably reach out to you on the email address or phone number you provided. Obviously you’re under no legal obligation to provide us with any data - but without a phone number or e-mail address it might be difficult to get back to you, so we typically require those in our forms.

Similarly, if you register to any of our events, newsletters or to receive any materials from us, or if you are or were our client, we’ll use your contact and registration details to manage these events and offerings, to contact you before or after these events, and to generally keep in touch (in a nice, non-spammy way).

We might also search for you on LinkedIn or other business-focused social networks. Based on your preferences and account privacy settings on such networks, we might be able to contact you there, or obtain additional contact details. We always try to make sure that we only obtain and reach out to your *business* e-mail and phone.

You can always ask us not to contact you again, or to completely remove you from our records, by responding to our messages or e-mailing us at with such request (or using any other "unsubscribe" options available within our messages).


Also, when someone travels through our site or messages, the site or messaging service keeps track of some of that activity. We collect aggregated and usage data for analytics purposes. For that we use Google Analytics, which is probably the most common site analytics tool on planet internet. We also use MailChimp and for mass-messaging, for instance to send out updates or event-related messages to our audiences. 

Let’s face it: without these tools we wouldn’t be able to make improvements to our site, to efficiently contact and inform our audiences, to understand what really interests them, to know if we’re spending our efforts on the right things, and basically we’ll probably be one of the only businesses online without any good insights into what happens on their site or communications. 

Then, we might also collect data concerning individuals applying for a job at PrivacyTeam Ltd., like their CV and other information they submit to us.

Lastly, yes, cookies are also present. We do not engage in any 3rd party advertising or cross-device tracking or anything like that. We simply use some cookies and performance tools to make sure our site and the few tools on it (analytics, contacts, event registration and the like), and our messaging service and the messages we send, are built and operating properly and used correctly by us.

What we do with your data

In short: we use it to contact you, gain insights into our operations, to interest you in any of our services, events or information, and to enable you to use our services or attend our events.

For these purposes, we keep it. For a little while, and try to erase it as soon as we no longer legitimately need it.

What are those legitimate needs? Well, business purposes, like client (or prospective client) management, communications, rhyming exercises, and inspiration for naming our children or pets. As out-of-the-box as it may sound, we might even like to market and sell you our services on occasion (unless you’ve opted out of such offers of course).

If someone applies for a job at PrivacyTeam Ltd., we will appreciate the interest, and use their CV and other information they provide discretely, and solely for such purposes. 



Where we protect your data & who we share it with

PrivacyTeam Ltd. is located in Israel and saves any data that comes floating our way within Israel, or on clouds where great services we use like to hang.  We hear it's nice up there.

Some clouds may drift to the U.S., other to the EU and other locations. We do our best to prevent them from raining on any parades. Israel is what the European Commission considers ‘adequate’ for data transfers from the EU, when it comes to data protection.

We keep your data locked safely away electronically, physically and technically. Lots of locks. As little sharing as possible. Yes, sharing is caring, but not when it’s your data. So rest assured: we do not sell your information to anyone, or share it for any purposes not described here.

We do of course share data with our processors in order to have our business function.

So, our hosting provider (or their service providers) may collect certain data or use certain cookies with respect to our visitors, without our control.'s Privacy Policy is available here. Also, we share your data with our authorized processors such as our CRM and communication tools providers, as well as our data hosting services. We review each of our processors to make sure that they offer at least standard protections and address privacy seriously.


How we support your rights

You’re our visitor, registrant, job candidate or client. We want to make sure you are in control of what happens to your data. It’s yours, after all. So, you can always reach out to us to find out exactly what data you’ve left behind with us. Just ask us for access, changes, or deletion of any personal data we may have. We’ll sort it out as best we can, given what we know about you and what data we have stored.

If you have any other questions, comments, jokes or interesting updates, please send them over to

If you would like to turn to your local Data Protection Authority, you certainly have the right to do so.

This latest version of our Privacy Notice is from October 1, 2021. 

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