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We are PrivacyTeam: Israel's leading privacy consultancy & data protection officers.

Our team of privacy experts serve some of the world's most amazing startups, growth companies, tech unicorns & industry leaders.

See why 150+ companies and over 20% of Israeli unicorns choose PrivacyTeam

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Simplifying privacy compliance for your organization.

"If you can't make privacy compliance simple - you don't understand it yourself.


Simply put, we create solutions that are sensible and practical to you, so you can keep focusing on your continued growth.

We zealously avoid the traps of excess documentation, indecisive vagueness and inhuman legalese, and stand firm against unwarranted strictness or scaremongering. 

We rarely say "no you can't" - as we view life, and privacy compliance in particular, through "yes you can and this is how" goggles.


We simply put in the effort and our cumulative expertise, as well as our in-depth understanding of you and your business, so we are able to not only come up with a solution - but with one that is simply right for you.  

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We serve as your external DPO

The skills required of the Data Protection Officer are as multidisciplinary as they come:

expert in privacy and data protection laws

tech, product and business-savvy

brilliant project manager

risk assessor extraordinaire

leadership & trustworthiness

abundance of other soft skills

Having unparalleled privacy knowledge, experience & skillsets, and a unique tech, product, legal and business understanding - 

PrivacyTeam is the perfect fit to serve as your DPO.

We create and maintain privacy programs, procedures and routines; conduct staff privacy trainings and awareness exercises; respond to customer queries and data subject requests; assist in managing data privacy incidents; work closely with your sales, marketing, R&D, product, HR, support, CS and legal teams; and play a strategic role in securing and expediting your growth.

We get you ready for global compliance

PrivacyTeam's readiness programs and unique methodologies will ensure that you are ready for whatever comes your way (GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, IPPL, APA/APP, PIPEDA, UKDPA, PECR, LGPD and other privacy-related acronyms) in perfect time while meeting your business objectives.

We support you through M&A and IPO privacy audits

PrivacyTeam advises Israel's elite startups, tech companies and VCs in a multitude of privacy due diligence audits and negotiations surrounding their funding rounds, M&As and IPOs. We are uniquely positioned in the Israeli ecosystem to have lead multiple IPO-readiness privacy compliance projects, as the organization's dedicated PrivacyTeam and DPO. 

We help your business thrive in the privacy age

Whether you are entering a new market, negotiating a deal with a strategic prospect, designing a new feature, launching a new campaign or facing a regulatory audit - here's your chance to do it right with PrivacyTeam.

Team Intro

How may we reach you?

Thanks! One of our experts will be in touch soon.

94 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv, Israel

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